Friday, August 11, 2017

GnomeFest 2017

This year's gnomefest is going to be formulated and organized by everyone that comes to Levis Mounds on the weekend of September 8-10, 2017 to ride and camp. 

gnomefest will lack some of the prefabricated structure of previous episodes. Gnomefest 2017 will celebrate egalitarian chaos and mountain biking.

Gnomefest is not so much of an event this year, as it is a bunch of cyclists choosing to camp and ride at the Levis Mound Trail Center on the Weekend of Friday September 8th thru Sunday September 10th. There is no preregistration and there is no fee. Just like any other time that you ride at Levis, you'll need to purchase a trail pass and if you camp, you have to pay for camping. Both of those fee's go to the County Parks Dept. and there's a self registration kiosk, where you can pay by cash or check.

Trail Pass -
Camping Fee -

We're all probably aware that the Chalet at Levis burned down last summer and the fundraising efforts to get the Chalet rebuilt with shower facilities. The chalet is currently under construction. To make all of that happen, even with all of the individuals that contributed generously, the local club that builds and maintains the trails at Levis, the Neillsville Area Trail Association (N.A.T.A.) depleted all of their financial reserves. So we're going to have a donation bucket, that folks whom appreciate the fine singletrack sweetness of the Levis Trow Mounds can help get NATA back in the good graces of their financial institution.

That just leaves a few things that we'll need to purchase to make gnome city run smooth. Firewood, Keg of Beer, Ice for the Beer Pot Luck Baby Pool(s) and Port-a-potties. The Levis gnomes are going to take care of all of that so we'd like to raise about $300 through t-shirt sales to cover those expenses. Any extra money raised by the sale of shirts will go to help NATA.


PRE-ORDER By August 30th by Noon $22 per shirt - Nice Canvas Brand Buttery soft shirt.

Paypal - Pickup at the event - $22 per Shirt

Please include the following info with your payment

Name - (Your Name)

Size - WMN's S/M/L/XL - Men's S/M/L/XL/2XL

Color - Pink, Blue or Orange



Afternoon - People come and begin to erect gnome city. Derby
Evening - Keg of Beer - Bring your own mug (cuts down on garbage)
Night - Ride and Optional Bikepack remote camping


They say 10 but more like Noon - Wild Cougar Formation Ladies Ride

DayTime - Let's Ride Bikes for FUN!

Evening - Beer Pot Luck - Bring your favorite beer and put it in the baby pool and we cover that in ice and chaos ensues - derbies, bonfire - everythng!

druzunk o'clock - This is where we would normally have the Dwarfcycle Figure 8 death Races, but there's nobody that's stupid enough to volunteer to run that hot mess, but just in case, someone get's drunk enough to volunteer to heard a hundred drunk cats, we'll have the proper official Dwarfcycle Figure 8 Death Match bikes on hand.


This is where you go for a ride with the people that might not have been your cousins, the day before yesterday, but weirdly....they've become your favorite cousin. Ride the Cathedral of Levis Overlook Tour. Take a spin out to Goat Dance and dance with the great gnome spirit or maybe a gnome.