Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fruita Groove ~ Kettle Weekend ~ WRT-Pro Sighting

I've told anyone that will listen, which usually consists of Bethany, Cecil, Bodhi or my (imaginary friend) Boo that I keep on riding by(what I've began to call) the White River Trail Hooker. Yet every time, that Bethany and I ride there together, we never see the her....but sure enough...today, when I was coming back east from Elkhorn, I spotted her signature, hootchie mamma, midrift top and daisy duke shorts and got my camera out. Now I had tried to snap a picture of her before, but the camera never boots up in time or some other thing gets in the way. I was beginning to think that witchcraft might be involved, but today, I snapped this as I went by at a pretty good clip.....just in case she is a witch. What a lovely creature...

Kettle Weekend

We spent Saturday morning building new trail at the George Carlin Trails up there at Kettle. Then on Sunday we met up with Sandy, Lindow, Vinn and Vinn's friend to ride. The day was just perfect for riding. 60's and brezzy with sunshine, no bugs, and totally buff trail. Good Times!

Fruita Groove

Just when i really started to settle into a groove out in Fruita, I came back home. Fruita is so kick ass! I love my friend Tommy, Man! and I got to see Jerry to and when we get together....well we laugh a hell of a lot! I made new friends this trip and got to know Noah and Michelle and many more Fruiticians better than before....hell I even stole Troys bike for awhile.

but I'll be back some day...