Friday, February 28, 2014


Follow me, children, to Ernesto's magical chewed gum encrusted cave… follow me for a story that will tantalize you and confuse you…

August 24th is when I like to wear my schlong in my shorts and say that my unitards still fit me after all these years. Yes, it will be time for the Chicago triathlon. Why do I say this? because I want to give you the wonderment - that this event will be ridden on my fat bike. Yes, a fat bike will sneer and oink at the fully carbon carbon bicycles - with their aero bars and aerodynamically tested components….

I've done the same event on a single speed road bike. On a mountain bike. On a fixed gear bike. Why? Why not! I do it for the fun.

Fugazi Friday

For Brother Andy - BBR Chicago

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

asphalt bellyflop

Sliding into the fisticuffs punishments of the weather, I must admit, I like this. I like this winter and this climate we're having in NorIl and SoWi. If you don't know what those acronyms stand for, gargle a teaspoon of butter and call your aunt Susan to take your dog out for a walk. But I hope she's your hot step-aunt. Because that would be... a moment to remember.

Speaking of riding bicycles and going head to head against a horde of jousting gnomes, I am looking forward to Sunday's shenanigans in Silver Lake, Wisconsin. Riding bikes and having fun with friends new and old, and semi-new, and previously owned friends.

 Post pictures of your toes in your mouth.

The winner will get a Vicks Vapor Rub towel.

 A la choy!


His exaltedness