Friday, January 18, 2013

Team SnowBike Enduro III

The Details for Saturday’s FUN on Bikes!

This is the link to the map and where to go!


10:00 – 11:00 – Pre-Ride the course 

11:00 – Noon – Registration

Noon – Captain’s Draft Derby (to determine who picks first)

12:15 – Team Rider Draft (Team Captains pick riders like in 5th grade gym class)

The rules of this draft will have to be very flexible. We’ll need everyone’s cooperation during this phase of the process of getting the Captain/Rider ratio, basically even.

1:00 – Race Starts – LeMans Start with crazy rules. Racers will have to carry their front tire while they run to their bikes.

4:00 – Finish – The last Racer must cross the finish line at or before 4:00 PM - In the case that there is a tie for the total number of laps…..the tie breaker will be a DERBY!


Bike – Sno-Bike (if you have one) 

Sno-Bikes should all have flat pedals installed. Ben’s Cyclery will have a limited supply of cheap flats that you can buy at the race venue. Talk to Jim at Ben’s if you want him to bring you out something special.

EZ-Ups with Sides – (If you have One) Let’s make a circle of EZ-Ups surrounding the fire-pit. 

Food and Water – We can fire up the grill if people want to BBQ

Garbage Bags – Please pack out everything that you pack in.


Every sort of warm Cozy Winter Clothing you can find. This is not the time to skimp on what you bring out to the venue. Bring Chemical hand and foot warmers. Bring that ridiculous Christmas sweater that your Aunt Moe gave you ten years ago. Bring stuff you can ride in and stuff you can stand around and sip beer in. Bring out the big guns of your winter clothing arsenal.

Clothing Mathematics – 5-6 hours in the great out of doors – 3 hour race – 10 minute laps with a 4 person team = riding 10 minutes + resting 30 minutes, divided by 3 hours = the number of dry base layers needed. Correct answer… **** ton of winter clothing.

Bring Extra Socks, Hats, Mittens….bring it all!


We….or rather you will all be manually marking your score on large posters that will be displayed in the transition area. Make sure you mark every lap (or it won’t count)


The trails will be open to riding and hiking during the race. Be courteous to all other trail users and be safe at all times. Give plenty of warning to folks before you pass. The purpose of this event is to have fun… please have FUN! We will reward the team that has the most fun, as well as the team that rides the most laps. 

In the spirit of fun, I ask that we all try to make the proverbial (herding of cats) [my job on race day] as easy as possible. We’re going for an atmosphere of organized chaos… a little ‘go with the flow’ would go a long way, to make this fun for everyone.

I just talked to Beeker and he's bringing a keg of LakeFront so you should bring a mug or a glass to sip some brew - no hard liquor is allowed. Please drink responsibly.

And (last but not least) If you like seeing events like this…..bring a few dollars to throw into the hat to cover our costs in running the event.

Thanks – See you Saturday!