Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Help Trail Advocacy at Kettle!

Ladies and Gents,

We're trying to get our Trail Advocacy Organization to adopt a set of bylaws that would accomplish 4 main goals.

 - Open and Fair Elections of an expanded Board of Directors
 - Term Limits for Board Positions
 - Financial Transparency and Regular Financial Reports
 - Establish our Organization as a Chapter of IMBA

Our organization is currently run as a closed system, with no process in place for any new Board Members to be added or for the replacement of current Board Members. Currently members of our organization have no information about the chapter finances. After several attempts to ascertain the cost of the new Muir Archway, I still cannot get our current Board to divulge the actual cost. We are currently a WORBA Chapter. WORBA has been dormant for nearly a decade. They have not had a President in office for the last 7 years. WORBA has no pulse. Our neighboring mountain bike trail advocacy organizations (CORP - Madison & Metro - Milwaukee) have chosen to become IMBA Chapters in response to the current WORBA situation. 

I ask that you consider the new bylaws and decide for yourselves, whether you support these policy changes. That's right....we're asking you to think for yourselves and choose between a closed board with financials that are a complete mystery VERSUS an openly elected board that will be required to provide its members with regular financial reports. In addition we would like you to decide whether it is in the best interests of our organization to remain a chapter of WORBA or become a Chapter of IMBA.

How ever you decide, I would like you to send Paul Sandgren an email letting him know how much you appreciate the excellent mountain bike trails at Kettle Moraine and his steadfast support of the Mountain Bike Community. In addition I encourage you to share YOUR decision about what the future direction of our Trail Advocacy Organization should take. Paul's email is -

Thank you and Happy Trails!


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