Friday, April 22, 2011

Fruita the Journey and Getting Settled

Is it good luck when a wild turkey lurks around your house at the beginning of a journey? I'm going to take it as a sign of good fortune for my visit to the Colorado Plateau....specifically, Fruita, Colorado.

This was to be my first train trip out west. Jumped on Metra into Union Station and then waited for our Amtrak train to show up (about an hour late). The first twenty hours went by with little discomfort or trepedation, but as we got closer to our destination, i think I was ready not to be cooped up. Tom picked me up and we soon landed at the Hot Tomato for good beer and laughing with friends.

I'm living at Tom and Noah's house in the (infamous) Fish Bowl. A well appointed tool shed with everything but running water. Day two in Fruita would be all about easing into spring training camp. I unpacked my bike and put it back into riding order. I could tell right away that the rear disc brake was fleuggered, so I rode it up to Over the Edge and after some logistical gymnastics got it straightened out and ready for some singletrack cruising, grunting, sweaty good times.

Tommy and I spent the afternoon hanging out on the patio with a case of Session Lager waiting for my bike to get fixed. It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon. We went to see Michelle's daughter sing in a play at her school. It was all about the great state of Colorado and it should be....the seats hurt my butt.

So now you're caught up to Friday morning at the coffee shop, blogg'n and coughing (I still have a lung full of gnomes). Today we ride and stuff.

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