Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two dirt days in Moab

Moab in the Morning by ~gomez~
Moab in the Morning, a photo by ~gomez~ on Flickr.

With the rain in Fruita, Boo decided we should go get us some wheels and head to Moab for a little ride action. So I scored me some hot mini-van crossover chebbrolet and drove to the gatlinburg of the high dessert.....Moab Utah. Not having planned, much, i decided to head up sand flats road and ride the now legendary Slickrock Trail. The last time I rode it was over 20 years ago and I was riding a rigid Klein. I knew the trail was demanding, but i thought what the hell. Right out of the box, I endo'd on a short step up by mistiming my manual. I landed in a hand-stand and then pushed off and back onto my feet. Swell...this should be interesting. Well after the first few climbs and associated panting it started to sprinkle rain. After the next few rest stops it started to rain pretty steady. Slickrock has awesome traction till it gets wet.....and then it lives up to its name. I stopped and put on arm warmers and a vest. The climbs were just handing me my own ass and I was riding cautiouslywhich didn't help out the the old 'mo'. A whee little racer girl passed me and danced up an impossible slab of rock.....uhhh! The photo opportunities hower were incredible.

Day Trip'n Moab

The next day I wanted to find something easier, so I hit the internets and found a ride that they said kids could do....but that plenty of slickrock playgrounds for bigger kids. An 8 mile loop with spurs of easy rated singletrack.....with names like E-Z and Lazy! Woot! Windy and cold, but with pure blue sky contarted with brite white clouds and even some nasty black clouds near the end....but I didn't get rained on, for once.

Well enough of Moab.....lets get back to Fruita!

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