Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gnome-Fest Nueve' Laid Back Schedule

 Information is power and we've got the wattage for your cottage! This is the schedule for the fest. Stay tuned for a list of things to bring and more clues to why gnome-fest is gonna rock your world.



Noonish – we begin to assemble and create a great…..Gnome City! (and gnomeburbia)

6:00 – 10:00 pm – Registration

7:00 – The ceremonial Tapping of the 1st keg!

Dark O’clock – Group Night Ride – Beware Gnome Black Opps Shenanigans

9:00 – Dawn – It’s a Rager! – bring earplugs if you expect to get any sleep


Crawl out of your fox hole and taste the hair of the ~gnome~

Morning – Explore the concept of going out to Play Bikes!

9:00 - 11:00 - Registration

9:30 - Ladies Ride & Luncheon – MTB Hall of Famer - Jacquie Phelan is coming to GF9 to experience Wild Cougar Formation

Noon – Come back and grab some lunch before the Dirt Cat

1:45 pm – The great cacophony of gnome/sprite mysteries…or the Dirt Cat Rider Meeting

TWO-ish – the DirtCat rolls

Dinner Time – Dirt Cat Award – Feasting - 9:Zero:7 Frame+Fork Raffle – Swag Swap – Chili Pot Luck and Contest – Home brew Contest & BEER POT-LUCK
Yeah, we each bring some good beer and put it in the baby pool along with some ice and we sample this beer buffet – all – gnight – long!

Drunk O’Clock – The Dwarfcycle Figure Eight Death Races! Costumes and Birfday Suits


Ten-ish - Best Ride of the Weekend – Ride Flower Trail for some cosmic vibes and gnomelightenment

Noonish – Pack it up and move it out

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