Tuesday, February 04, 2014

asphalt bellyflop

Sliding into the fisticuffs punishments of the weather, I must admit, I like this. I like this winter and this climate we're having in NorIl and SoWi. If you don't know what those acronyms stand for, gargle a teaspoon of butter and call your aunt Susan to take your dog out for a walk. But I hope she's your hot step-aunt. Because that would be... a moment to remember.

Speaking of riding bicycles and going head to head against a horde of jousting gnomes, I am looking forward to Sunday's shenanigans in Silver Lake, Wisconsin. Riding bikes and having fun with friends new and old, and semi-new, and previously owned friends.

 Post pictures of your toes in your mouth.

The winner will get a Vicks Vapor Rub towel.

 A la choy!


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