Monday, September 19, 2011

Beach Date

An early autumn bluster was cooking for Sunday's Beach ride. After an early trail advocacy breakfast in Milwaukee we headed up to Port and during the car trip, we got sprinkled upon from a bruised sky. The radar looked like we would have a two hour window, so we put on rain gear and hit the beach. Just Bethany and I on a little beach date. Bethany's first fat-bike ride all on sandy beach. The wind was to our back and the rain stopped almost as soon as we got started. Dicey weather is the best time to go beach riding. All of the usual suspects are inside and the light and color are usually pretty spectacular. makes pretty pictures.

The color on this shot reminds me of the super saturation that you get with slide film. We had fun and that was the goal.




Steve said...

Beauty beauty photos.....nice. Never done a beach ride.

K8 said...

E.S.P .... i knew there was something wrong with the two of us....