Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gravel is my middle name...

Gomez GianFranco Gravelero Guisepe Lago del Raven - My schwinn continental loved some Indana gravel in the 70's.

My cross check loves everything and everybody with gravel in their blood.
...and bleed I did. Gravel over concrete = spillage in the village.

Gravel is in my blood - gravel is in my bones - gravel surrounds my heart - gravel is where I'm home.


K8 said...

Come to door county for a gravel fest next weekend 160k of pristine countryside and beer of course... oh and pie.. lots of pie !

Steve said...

Had I known your love for all things gravel, we could have skipped the Levis trail and cruised 1000s of miles of Clark County....all gravel, no black of the top.