Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Looking back to special times at GF-Ocho, Sunday morning rides at GF are always such a mellow good time.

We'll be doing some serious looking back for GF-9  - Gnome-Fest-Nueve'-Retro

Farmboy @ GF-Uno

Back for Next Year
 - Gnome Bike Enduro - Stage Race - Parade
 - Home Brew Contest
 - Saturday Night Pot-Luck
 - ? any other suggestions?

New for GF-9
 - Mayor(s) of Family Gnome Camp - Lisa & Martini?
 - Kids Bike Activities
 - Women's Mountain Bike &Tea Society Ride/Clinic with Jaquie Phelan
 - Classic Mountain Bike (Klunker) Sunday Morning Ride
 - Adam Blake  stepping into a Mayor's role next year!
 - ? - Anything Else?

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